Hide A/V Systems Within Decor

You care about the way your home looks. You spent time and money on the décor and don't want your audio/video system throwing off the Feng Shui. So why not integrate your systems into your interior decorating? At Boozagon, we understand that speakers should be heard and not necessarily seen, and a high-end TV is great for a big game, but may be an eyesore when not in use. We provide a variety of products that are not only decorative in nature, but will actually blend into your décor.

We can help you hide a TV within a mirror or behind a work of art, or provide speakers that blend seamlessly with your wall or ceiling décor. The fact is, home entertainment systems shouldn't the be "exception" to the room's décor, but a part of it.

But what about the furniture? We also provide fine A/V furniture designed to not only enhance your room, but complement your system with features such as component ventilation and cable management. From the multi-use media room TV cabinets all the way to high-performance dedicated home theater seating, we have considered it all. Choose from a large array of plush leather chairs and even specialized "Cuddle Bags" for the kids to discover the ultimate movie watching experience for you and your family.

Whether it's a hidden TV, a hidden speaker system, or AV furniture, let Boozagon Audio/Video help you.

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